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Mobile-Blu™ Remote

Use your mobile device as the remote control for your Blu-ray player! Mobile-Blu™ automatically creates a two-way high speed wireless connection between your mobile device and your Blu-ray player, turning your mobile device into a Blu-ray remote control (complete with keyboard data entry), while also allowing your Blu-ray player to send media directly to your mobile device! Mobile-Blu™ works over WiFi, eliminating the need for line of sight IR operation, so you can use it from anywhere in the room. Best of all, Mobile-Blu™ is designed to incorporate and adapt to the latest advances in BD technology, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge!

iphone remote
iphone remote connecting to the player content to go Scenepedia Ergo


  •  Use your mobile device as your Blu-ray remote control
  •  Watch bonus content on-the-go
  •  Use the mobile device keyboard instead of the virtual on-screen keyboard method
  •  Mobile-Blu ErgoSM for easy heads up navigation
  •  ScenePedia™ adds relevant information about the scene at your fingertips


  •  Mobile-Blu™ requires a BD-Live (Profile 2.0) Blu-ray Player
  •  A wireless router on the network
  •  A mobile device with the Mobile-Blu™ application installed and Wi-Fi enabled
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